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Little Explorers Preschool Enrichment Programs


At Little Explorers, a Simi Valley preschool and infant center, we believe in exposing our children to a variety of different interests. This allows for an introduction and exploration of a diverse set of skills that we hope our children will embrace for a lifetime.  


These programs are incorporated into our curriculum and we are proud to announce that they are INCLUDED in the tuition of the program!


Move and Groove
The only way to describe this class is FUN FUN FUN!! This is a high energy, fast paced dance class focusing on combining aerobics, gymnastics, music and dance. It is designed to help our children boost their confidence and enhance their gross motor skills. The energetic dance teachers keep the children moving and grooving while the children learn how to use their body to tumble, to hang on a monkey bar, to do hand stands, yoga poses and how to stretch out those growing little muscles!
Little Scientists
We encourage children to explore the world of science through experiments while observing nature and its elements. This environment is designed to appeal to the inherent curiosity of the child, allowing them to imagine and explore the wonders of science and technology.
Little chefs
The children will learn how to master a culinary master piece, may it be a fruit salad or a banana milk shake. This is designed to expose your child to a variety of food groups, to understand the concepts of eating healthy and learning about the benefits of fresh food. We would love parent volunteers for these projects.
Parent & Family Fun time
It’s your time to shine in front of the kids!! We know that our parents have so many talents. Some sing, some play instruments, some can make yummy cookies while others can be so creative even if it is reading a book dressed as a magician! It can be anything that you want to do..but this one thing will make you a star in front of your child’s class and a hero in your child’s eyes forever!


simi valley infant center
simi valley infant center
Simi Valley infant center