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At Little Explorers Academy, we believe in exposing our children to a variety of different interests. This allows for an introduction and exploration of a diverse set of skills that we hope our children will embrace for a lifetime.  


These programs are incorporated into our curriculum and we are proud to announce that they are INCLUDED in the Tuition of the program!


Little Chefs 

Twice a month the children will learn how to create a culinary masterpiece, may it be a fruit salad or banana milk shake. This program is designed to expose your child to a variety of food groups, to understand the concepts of eating healthy, and learning about the benefits of fresh foods. They will learn new nutrition and cooking vocabulary. Each child will exercise their hand coordination while mixing, pouring, scooping, and spreading. Mathematics in fractions, and proper hand washing is also some of the many skills our Little Chefs Program has to offer.
Little Gardeners

Your child will actively participate in maintaining their classroom garden. Each class will grow fruits and vegetables. This time will allow them to explore nature, study the life cycle of plants, and observe the environmental elements that help plant life to grow. This activity will also help to foster social responsibility and self-esteem as they learn to care for plants and reap the benefits.

Little Scientists
Each week your student will participate in a hands on science experiment that will allow the children to explore the world of science. They will learn how to form their own hypothesis and formulate their own conclusions. These activities are designed to appeal to a child’s curiosity! Each activity will develop a love for imagination and exploration as they discover God’s World.

Introductory to Spanish
Once a week the children will have an intro to Spanish lesson from Mrs. Zubiate who will teach the children songs, words, body parts and everyday common Spanish language skills. This will lay the foundation for learning other languages which they will carry with them into kindergarten and beyond to higher education. These skills will enhance their confidence in learning another language and help them understand the multicultural community they live within. It will allow them to embrace cultural diversity!
Move and Groove

The only way to describe this class is FUN FUN FUN!! This is a high energy, fast paced dance class focusing on coordination, music and dance. It is designed to help our children boost their confidence and enhance their gross motor skills. Our energetic dance teacher keeps the children moving and grooving while the children learn how to use their bodies to enhance flexibility, musicality, and muscle control. 

Chapel and Music Program
Each week your student will participate in a hands on music experience filled with God's Love and Grace! The children will explore all different types of music, instruments, and vocabulary of music terms. Our Little Musicians will gain self confidence in areas of self expression, and using their voices expressively. While learning new biblical songs each month, they will develop their early literacy skills in repetition and rhyming.

simi valley infant center
simi valley infant center
Simi Valley infant center
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