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Our Approach to Education

We strive to provide you with a peace of mind that during these early years of education your child is learning and developing their spiritual, emotional, social, physical and intellectual skills through a fun play-based curriculum. 

We are Discovering God's World through the Eyes of a Child!

Little Explorers Preschool Academy serves children ages 18 Months through 7 years old.

We currently offer the following programs:

  • New Beginnings Program:  18 - 24 months 

  • Early Discoveries Program:  24 - 36 months 

  • Preschool Program: Ages 3 - 4 years old 

  • Pre-Kindergarten Program: Ages 4 - 5 years old

  • Transitional Kindergarten 

  • Kindergarten:  5 years old by September 1st

  • 1st Grade:  6 years old by September 1st



Preschool Discovery

Ages 2-3


Our toddlers are discovering their worlds and are learning to express their curiosity and independence. We engage them in an environment rich in learning based activities with a blend of creative play that encompasses art, music and dramatic play. We focus on:


  • Small and large group activities

  • Creative expression through dramatic play, art and music

  • Encouragement to build independence and self- confidence

  • An environment that focuses on communication and creating social connections

  • Create opportunities for investigative problem solving 




Preschool Explorers

Ages 3-4


As preschoolers gain more confidence we add more structured activities and hands on learning projects into their curriculum. We start to develop their skills in math, science, language and early literacy. We focus on:


  • Hands on learning experiences that stimulate scientific thought processes and problem solving skills

  • Monthly themed education that encourages self-directed activities and boosts confidence

  • Group activities that enhance communication and social skills

  • Creative expression through art, music and dramatic play

  • Introduction to computer skills


Ages 4-5


During the prekindergarten years children are learning through routines and learning to make vital connections and make their own decisions. The PreK program offers:


  • Educational lesson plans and activities that align with success in Kindergarten

  • Hands-on activities that enhance creative learning skills through sensory experiences

  • A focus on language and numeric literacy

  • Classroom group activities that build on a sense of family and community

  • Individual lessons in Early Reading and Writing skills

Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Ages 5-6


The transitional Kindergarten level is designed to help children excel in Kindergarten during this transitional period when they are awaiting enrollment into Elementary School.  We create small class settings that allow for exploration, creativity, imagination and communication within a structured curriculum that focuses on the core educational subjects.  We encompass an educational path that:


  • Teaches scientific experimentation and investigative learning skills

  • Small group reading skills where children are encouraged to read aloud and develop their writing skills

  • Probe thought provoking questions and allow for curious debate that enhances group communication skills

  • Provide age appropriate lesson plans in life sciences, physical sciences, art and history

  • Encourage learning about similarities and differences through cultural awareness and diversity






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